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Nominees 2022

Here are the full list of nominees for the 13th Underground Cinema Awards.  The ceremony will take place in the Royal Marine Hotel on Saturday November 5th.  More details coming soon about tickets

The Rock In The Sea.jpg

The Rock In The Sea

"A Monk living in 9th century Ireland must contend with grief, despair, isolation and his own identity, on a far-off desolate rock."


Best Film - Producer Neill Duffy

Best Director - Niall Duffy

Best Actor - Johnny French

Best Supporting Actor - Sean Derry

Best Screenplay - Niall Duffy

Best Cinematographer - Niall Duffy

Best Editor - Niall Duffy

Best Production Design - Niall Duffy & Neill Duffy

Best Sound Design - Niall Duffy

Best Costume Design - Anne Bonner

Best Score - Darren Sheehan

Family Night.jpg

Family Night

An offbeat short horror film set in the winter of 1995, A pre divorce era Dublin, Ireland. It tells the
story of a family forced to take part in a family night by their extremely strict father. Throughout
the night, tensions build as they are forced to have dinner together, sing songs, play charades
and watch a movie, all while trying to keep their father pleased. However, not all is
as it seems in the household.


Best Film - Producers Eoin Quinn &

Jayne Delahunt

Best Horror Film - Directed by Alan Dunne

Best Director - Alan Dunne

Best Actor - Eoin Quinn

Best Actress - Denise McCormack

Best Screenplay - Alan Dunne

Best Sound Design - John Griffin

Best Costume Design - Thyara Moraes

Family Night.jpg
Wormhole In The Washer.jpg

Wormhole In The Washer

When his socks go missing in the wash, a struggling Sci-Fi novelist discovers a portal to a parallel universe in his washing machine where he meets a better version of himself; or so it seems.


Best Film - Producer Paireac Keane &

James Fagan

Best Comedy -  Directed by Paireac Keane

Best Director - Paireac Keane

Best Actor - Elliott James

Best Screenplay - Paireac Keane

Best Editor- Paireac Keane

Best Production Design - Katarzyna Horzela

Best Score - Patrick O'Connor

Best Costume Design - Katarzyna Horzela

Imbas Forosnai.jpg

Imbas Forosnai

Following the clairvoyant practices of poets of ancient Ireland, a young man in present day Limerick seeks answers from the Otherworld.


Best Film - Producer Pete Moles

Best Director - Shane Serrano

Best Cinematographer - Stephen Hall

Best Editor - Philip Shanahan

Best Sound Design - Ronan Mitchell

Best Costume Design - Dr. Billy Mag Fhionn,

Ella Daly, Sean McNamara, Maggie Coffey &

Gerdi McGlynn 

Best Score - Ronan Mitchell & Shane Serrano 

Imbas Forosnai.jpg
The Cathedral.jpg

The Cathedral

A priest, haunted by his past, has his daily life disrupted by an ancient spirit of the damned who seeks to steal his soul.


Best Horror Film - Directed by

Turlough Ó Cinnéide 

Best Cinematographer - Greg Kozma

Best Editor - Turlough Ó Cinnéide 

Best Sound Design - Turlough Ó Cinnéide 

Best Costume Design - Dr. Billy Mag Fhionn,

Ella Daly, Sean McNamara, Maggie Coffey &

Gerdi McGlynn 

Best Score - Ronan Mitchell & Shane Serrano 

The Cathedral.jpg
Forever Hold Your Peace.jpg

Forever Hold Your Peace

As the 36th anniversary of her brother's disappearance looms, a woman starts to receive phone calls which she believes hold the clues to what happened to him all those years ago.


Best Film - Producers Amy Pollard & Sam Atwell

Best Director - Jason Branagan

Best Actress - Tina Kelleher 

Best Screenplay - Jason Branagan

Best Score - Emer Landers

Best Production Design - Katie Lee Lynch



Fear and superstition take hold of a young family during a time of great hunger in 1879 Ireland.


Best Horror Film - Directed by Ryan O'Neill & 

Marie Clare Cushinan

Best Cinematographer - Ryan O'Neill

Best Production Design - Ryan O'Neill &  

Marie Clare Cushinan

Best Costume Design - Ryan O'Neill &  Marie Clare Cushinan

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