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Live Documentaries
Feature Program

Sunday September 18th at 1pm in the Martello Suite

Who Shot Sergeant Kirwan?

Who Shot Sergeant Kirwan.jpg

The film is based on material taken from original witness statements, now held in the Military History Archives. These statements are made by those who took part in these events, and locals and family members who had knowledge about an event which took place in Ballyboghil, a small rural agricultural village located in Fingal, North County Dublin during the Irish War of Independence.

During Spring in 1921, talks of a truce between Britain and Ireland were in the air. Terrible months from the Autumn of 1920 had left the people hurt and bruised, yet determined to fight on to victory. Like in all such wars, life went on, an attack here, an attack there, and so it was on this Spring April day.

What happened has left lasting memories. This film shares that village story with a wider audience

Written and Directed by Cathal Boland

Produced by Lar Daly & Paul O'Brien

Running Time 43 Mins

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Secret Superstars

Secret Superstars.jpg

They say truth is stranger than fiction.

In the case of the Kennedy Cup, there’s no doubt
this remarkable, but untold story would otherwise
be regarded as a very tall tale, were it not all too
fantastically true.

Imagine some of the best professional footballers
of the 1960s in Britain and, indeed, Ireland coming
to the picturesque little shoreside pitch of a rural
Irish town – often in disguise – for matches with
local amateur players.

Well, that’s the Kennedy Cup. And it’s only the half
of it.

Written by Tim Kelly

Directed by Tom O'Flaherty

Running Time 40 Mins

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A Day In The Life

A Day In The Life.jpg

Inspired by a weekly Zoom pandemic project called 'The Artist's Well', during which Irish visual artist Alan Keane interviewed over 80 fellow artists now archived on YouTube, first-time filmmaker Alan and his wife Trina, set off to spend a series of full days in the company of a selection of artists, with just a camera in hand, trying to understand the creative process and what makes some ordinary people do extraordinary things.

Directed and Produced by Alan Keane

Running Time 33 Mins

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